Dance Dance Dance

To be or not to be, create or not create … When I think about years in my life (several) when I got stuck, unable to make anything but dinner, I shudder. But it was nobodys fault but my own. Or?

A late night in a garden with lanterns hanging in the trees, I meet some (female) friends over coronawine and snacks. The discussion circles around experiences of opression. They are frequent and incredible, one worse than the other. We laugh like crazy while darkness descends over our heads. But in our past we have all cried too many tears in horrible frustration. We struggle not to hate ourselves …

Why have so many women the common experience of being told ”you’re not good enough”, ”calm down”, ”that’s a bad idea”, ”you can’t do that”, ”it’s too difficult”, ”you can never achieve that”, ”you’re exagerating”, ”that will never work” … when the message we tried to get through really was: I NEED TO BE CREATIVE!

I’m so over it. The endless discussions with male partners in need of reducing (female) enthusiasm, slowly killing all creativity and inspiration.

I walk with my head high now, proud of myself and the ideas I actually realize these days. But it’s a bit scary to think about the fact that I let myself down for many years. And that I have so many friends that experienced the exact same phenomena. Why? What’s wrong with encouraging words and some exitement, some DANCING, instead of arguing and diminishing? I don’t get it.

Don’t let anybody kill your ideas or restrict your creative oxygen supply. Allow yourself to dance through life and demand the right to do just that. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your goals. Don’t let yourself down by obeying – instead of creating.

Great ideas need space and clean air. Great women need to dance dance dance.

Creativity unites!

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