Art déco for the 2020’s

The annalananna designs are inspired by the driving forces of fear and courage. The collections grow from head, hand and heart on to canvases and clothes illustrating thoughts, memories and ideas in a female universe.

Be bold and beautiful

The annalananna collections consist of wearable artwork and images for walls in need of a story. They are dynamic, changing and growing over time, discovering and inventing more and more stories.


The Star Project collection aims to kick us out from our safe corners and shout: Here I come – I am The Star!

The pentagram as a symbol is packed with references and magical associations. It symbolizes, among other things, the worship of goddesses and the sacral female. In this collection the star is a symbol for human courage and female revenge.

Garments transform into new fashion, creating new values and new stories. Pictures emerge from colour and shapes into fantasy creatures in search of a future of their own.


The Star was once a child. The children are stars from the beginning. They play on the edge of the grown up world, longing for independency, depending on grown ups to guide them.


The Kurbits collection is a story about a women in absolute freedom. She knows herself and she made her choises. The price of freedom is loneliness. She is willing to pay the price.

About the paintings

The annalananna paintings are created with acrylic paint and spray, oilpastel and charcoal. The pictures are made on canvases and clothes purchased on sale or second hand. When recycling materials and images the collections create development and movement.

Work in progress is a never ending process!